PVC milk tube for milking machine

PVC Food grade milk tube; Fits all milking machines and milk claws; For transferring milk from cluster to milk line in milking parlor; Can be installed on washing line; Transparent; Possible to see milk flow during milking;

Brand Name :
Model :
PVC milk tube
Place of Origin :
Inner diameter :
14.5 mm
Usage :
All brands of milking machines
Material :
Length :
50 - 25 meter

Product description

Using rubber tubes is recommended in cold environment.

PVC milk tube is the most economic type of tubes for transferring milk or water in milking parlor from teat to bulk and from jetter wash to water pip line.

PVC tube is often used by those farmers who would like to have a basic and reliable solution for milk flow visually. PVC tubing has high flexibility and fits all milking equipment perfectly.


  • Food grade
  • Premium quality
  • Smooth inner and outer surfaces
  • Low milk fat adhesion and protein binding
  • Perfect resistance to milk and cleaning chemicals

Normally, tubes are manufactured with blue line on outer surface although, Printing brand and changing the line color is a nice solution for those who like to sell their own brands and control their market easier.

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