PVC air tube for milking machine

PVC air tube is an economic high quality tubes for using in all milking machines for connecting vacuum from claw to liner. Being transparent shows milk inside the vacuum tube if any liner is teared and milk is going to enter the vacuum system.

Brand Name :
Model :
PVC air tube
Place of Origin :
Length :
50 meter
Usage :
All brands of milking machines
Inner diameter :
7.5 mm
Material :

Product description

In cold environment, Rubber tube is recommended.

Single air PVC tube for milking machine is available in 50 meter. There is a blue line on outer side of tube which can be changed to personalized color.

This tube fits all milking machine brands in any size and connects claw’s pulse block to air outlet pipe of stainless steel shell.

Being transparent make this tube a reliable product for observing milk leakage inside the tube and preventing pulsator damage.

Famrers who have Delaval, Westfalia, Boumatic, SAC and AFI milking machine can use this tube in their milking parlor.



  • Attractive level of flexibility
  • Premium performance in all climate
  • High durability
  • High performance
  • Fits all milking machines
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