Small cow collar tag

Belt type tags are hanged on neck by a belt for camel, cow and buffalo. Farmers place these tags on both sides of the neck to be sure that numbers can be seen in any position of animal. Writing is done with black ear tag marker on

Brand Name :
Collar tag
Model :
Place of Origin :
Color :
Blue / Yellow
Type :
How to write :
Ear tag marker
How to use :
With belt
Size :
5.5 cm

Product description

For all who are seeking for animal welfare, we recommend this type as it never hurt animals.

Importance of using tag for identifying animals especially in both industrial & traditional farms is clear, where each animal has an ID card and all events of her life include treatments, insemination, birth, etc. have been written and recorded. So, staying readable for whole life of the animal is necessary.

Polyurethane material is one of the best options to produce tags because of its chemical characteristic. This ear tag has been made of the best polyurethane and the quality will remain stable in all weather condition and Harsh Environments.

Neck tags are in defferent types. in this model, each unit of tag is used for writing each numer ( 1, 2 , 3 ...) and then a combination of these numbers makes a complete number for animal.

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