Cow metal magnet applicator

stainless steel applicator for introducing the magnet bolus; High quality; Stainless steel spring type; For cubical cow magnet;

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cow Magnet applicator
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Product description

Cattle commonly swallow foreign objects, because they do not use their lips to discriminate between materials and they do not completely chew their feed before swallowing. Sharp metallic objects, such as nails or wire, are the common initiators of hardware disease.
The object travels into the rumen and is then pushed into the reticulum along with the rest of the feed.In some cases, contractions of the reticulum can push the object through part of the reticulum wall into the peritoneal cavity, where it causes severe inflammation.In rare cases, the metal object penetrates the entire wall of the reticulum and can pierce the heart sac, causing pericarditis.Compression by the uterus in late pregnancy, straining during parturition and mounting during estrus can increase the likelihood of the object penetrating the abdominal wall or the heart sac.

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